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Seal technology

Seal technology

Hot air sealing

​ Machine for sealing caps on beverage cartons

• Comparison between hot air sealing and ultrasonic sealing

Sealing caps on beverage cartons

​​ Machine for bottom forming and bottom sealing of beverage cartons

Bottom sealing machine

Ultrasonic sealing

 Applying caps to beverage cartons

•​ Application from inside/outside

Applying caps from inside and from outside

 Forming and closure of beverage cartons

•​ Test rig for pediment forming

•​ Closure by ultrasonic friction welding

Ultrasonic friction welding

High frequency sealing

 Folding and sealing of beverage cartons

• Inductive/capacitive method

Inductive and capacitive method for folding and sealing

Research project on induction sealing

ZIM project “FleXeal” in collaboration with the network SCALE

• Development of a mechanic for sealing aluminium coated foil with the inductive method

Sealing on tubular bag machine
ZIM Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand

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